Get Your Hands Off My Son Abdominal Migraines

So 48 hours from Abdominal Migraine Kick Off Time and boyo is still ashen, quiet and withdrawn. My normal bubbly, cheeky, energetic, sometimes painfully strong-willed, 9 year old is floored. Another two days off school. Another set-back. Another two days of family-life being dominated by the ticking of a clock and when the next squirt … More Get Your Hands Off My Son Abdominal Migraines

Why I Write

Life, in my uber humble experience, has its fair amount of eggshells. And I’m treading on them.   Some of those eggshells have names. A fair number of them can be called ASD, or Autism, or Asperger’s. Another collection is called Twins, or Ferals, or just plain ‘what the heck happened there?’ Then there are … More Why I Write