Party & Cake Time! My Little Pony Goes Twin-Tastic

Lydia and Evie MLP party 008

Bug and Pip are somewhat stereotypical little girls, and so for their sixth birthday they were adamant that My Little Pony was the order of the day. Right, I bloody hate My Little Pony. But love has a funny way of making me feel all warm and fuzzy about something just because one of the sprogs does. So whilst you won’t catch me watching an actual episode of MLP, I acknowledge that they love it, and it’s their choice.


Pip’s favourite My Little Pony is Pinkie Pie, and Bug just loves Twilight Sparkle, but I decided to go generic ‘My Little Pony’ for the cakes. I wanted them to theme together like the Frozen Cakes I did for their 5th Birthday and so came up with the idea of one being ‘sky’ based with clouds and the other being ‘land’ based with a river, both interconnected with a rainbow. Originally I tried to make the rainbow out of modelling icing, but physics and gravity had other thoughts, so that ended up made of card. Both cakes got a good sprinkle of edible glitter, because, well six year old girls come with added glitter, ok?




As for the party. This was a low key one at home. Thanks to illness and last minute cancellations our numbers went super small, with just six girls in the end. Once I’d shaken off my worry that my twinnies would be upset, this actually worked brilliantly. I had planned a lot of crafts, face-painting, and other activities, that meant the adults present could really focus on the children. Pip and Bug loved it, as did their pals.


See the pics for some My Little Pony Party inspiration!


Lydia and Evie MLP party 001

Lydia and Evie MLP party 090

Lydia and Evie MLP party 166


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