Cuppa & Cake Please

cake - small.jpg

Life doesn’t get much better than friends, a cuppa and a slice of cake, right? Well, I personally reckon they are even better when they come with the Kiddie Birthday Wow factor. Tea, check. Friends, check. Cake, check. But after the joy of watching a kiddo blow out the candles and mark another year. Birthday cakes are, in a nutshell, the celebration of childhood. That makes them taste better.


In celebration of all things cake, have a look at Kiwi and Spoon’s favourite creations from over the years… whether your Small Person is in to Frozen or Lego, Harry Potter or just plain sweets & chocolate, there should be something to inspire you…


Pirate Galleon

Ahoy me hearties… Pirate Galleon sets sail over a sea of treasure maps, with an island of rogue pirates. Hoist the flag, man the sails, or something to that effect. What you can’t see in this pic is the intricate rigging made out of strawberry bootlaces, given that Kiwi Man decided without rigging it simply wouldn’t be “authentic enough” (Patrick O’Brian enthusiast that he is – there may have been a heated discussion that day with the immortal words “it’s just a bloody cake it doesn’t need to be sea-worthy”).

260204_10150193928570895_6121176_n (2)


Elsa & Anna United

The Gods were cutting me some slack when they handed out the compulsory 5-year old girl fandom requisites. Whilst the average little girl places Elsa up there on her high ice castle, I had one twin love Elsa and one favour her younger, quirkier, gutsier sister, Anna. Secretly glad for what this said about her inner strength of character, it also came in super handy when it came to answering the refrain of “Frozen Cakes please Mummy”.



Quidditch Rules

I have to quietly admit that I’m hoping my Harry Potter party days aren’t quite over yet. I loved that one, and I still have plenty of new ideas for Harry Potter cakes. At the time of making this cake I had 18 month old twins. They aren’t exactly known for being considerate and letting Mum get on with things, you know, like making their brother’s birthday cake. So this was an ‘easy’ option and was made with many a moment of wishing I could Accio a cage to contain the Ferals. But nonetheless it had the Magic Factor for the boy.

476065_10150793099765895_906998520_o (2)


Rumble in the Jungle

Ok, so I have a soft spot for this one as it was my Precious First Born’s 1st Birthday Cake, and that ranks pretty high in the magic moments stakes. It was also probably the last time I got any say in the theming. Goodbye taste, hello Branded Childhoods.

bdaycake (2)


Build it Up Birthday

So Lego is inherently cool, no two ways about it. And a Lego party rocks, fact. But just so you know, this amount of blue food colouring might freak you out once it’s been through the system so to speak. This cake will forever affectionately be known to the Mini Kiwis as the “Freaky Poo Cake”. What a way to be remembered.

H bday cake 003


Blast Off!

Made whilst living with friends whilst we waited for our house to be renovated, with two bubba twins, this cake was made possible by the fact we had twelve of us under one roof somehow sharing lives and it working. This cake brings back memories of love, friendship, kiddie dorms, double au-pairs and extra hands. For any little space lover, who you love to the moon and back.

Harry's 4th bday 175


10, 10, 10!

These three cakes were made for the three special young ladies who were the kiddies in the kiddie-dorm of above. A singleton and twins, just like we have ourselves, celebrated in cake! 10 is a special age, sitting ‘on the cusp’ and turning in to double-digits. Not to mention an awesome milestone for the parents that you’ve actually made it thus far on your Parenting Adventure.

136028_10151062564155895_1154770907_o (2)selling 002


Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat!

Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun but you have to know how! Gravity defeated, that’s how. Dr Seuss is simply awesome, and has filled my kid’s heads with nonsense and rhyme, what more could I ask for. Whilst slightly out of mainstream on Blighty shores, let’s hope the Seuss Train gains momentum, because frankly kids, you’re missing out if you don’t know it…

tom's cake 005


Very, Very Hungry

Now this is a theme to go wild with. With most modern parents having known the Very Hungry Caterpillar themselves as children, it’s no surprise it’s taking on a second airing. This book rocks. Especially when it comes to planning a party menu… On Monday he ate through…

18181_10151096202765895_2015688679_n (2)


Erm, Three Year Old Craziness

Ok, so here’s a little window in to the mind of a 3 year old boy with ASD. His favourite colour was purple. He liked the picture on the cover of my cake book that was a fairy mushroom house. He wanted the two combined. Looking back I don’t know what I was worried about, but I was worried about something. Would he be teased? But then my Gender Will Not Rule This House (until I have the most girlie of girls) won through, and he got his desire. One happy boy.

4706_92086825894_1063644_n (2)


Out Back Camping

Literally, this was camping out the back. Tin Cans & Catapults, Tents & Toasted Marshmallows, this cake was for the boy who was born for Scouts and all things Outdoors.

958_10151370746605895_2030767990_n (2)


Lalaloopsy Rainbows!

One of two cakes that marked the moment Gender Stereotyping Won in this house thanks to their own darn pesky personalities. This was one of a pair and they were layered rainbow cakes inside. I like Lalaloopsies, they are cute, the girls love them, but watching a programme of it… well it makes me want to poke my eyes out with forks. But hey, if they love it…



Land & Sky

And to round off the Gender Stereotyping I couldn’t get away without My Little Pony. Are we done with all things glittery yet?



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