Are Twins Naughtier Than Singletons?


It’s Not So Much Double Trouble, as Exponential Trouble…


Nick-named, collectively, as The Ferals, before they could crawl, we knew we were doomed to not just one Mischief Monster but two. But why?


Perhaps I’m Just Busier

I have oodles of spare time. Not. Every micro second on my life as a working mum of three kids, including one with Autism and twins in the mix, means No. Spare. Time. Recipe for disaster as far as monitoring the imps goes. And you can bet they just love to do something mischievous the moment my back is turned.


A Twin is the Best Decoy Ever

Fact. I have no bloody clue Who Done It, so where do I start on directing my errant Pip & Bug on to the straight and narrow path? It’s rare I get a soil covered Pip in the process of repotting my house plants in the log basket uttering “Bug did it” in a spectacular fail in deflection. It’s happened, but it’s rare. Most of the time I’m left mumbling along the lines of “more trouble if no one admits to it”.


They Take It One, Then Two, Steps Further

The inner voice saying ‘hey, maybe this isn’t the best plan’ is drowned out by the twin clamouring, “rock on, we ace drawing all over the walls”.


Life is Eminently More Funny with a Twin

And therefore more crazy. And more naughty. Giggles are fab. So maybe we’re guilty of ‘letting more go’ and giving the impression that naughtiness is good.


Twins are a Natural Magnifying Glass

They attract attention. Wherever. Whenever. So if they’re being naughty, the whole darn world is going to know about it.


There’s an Attention Thing Going On

Yup, I admit it, Pip and Bug could do with a good dollop more attention, and maybe some attention, any attention is better than none, and so they’ll draw the attention on to themselves even if it’s the negative “stop that” variety. Note to self: multiply time and energy quotient.


Perhaps It’s Just Perspective

When I stand back and rationally look at my twin daughters’ behaviour, I can see it isn’t inherently worse than any other same aged child. In fact, in many instances they’re better (honestl not just kidding myself here). I’m just juggling too many plates, spinning too many balls, so don’t have the patience needed… bag on your plate Mrs Kiwi.


Teamwork is Productive

Isn’t that something we try to actively teach our kids? And my twins Rock At Teamwork. I need to count my blessings that they are teaming up together in a common pursuit, even if that pursuit is mayhem and mischief, rather than competitively going guns for each other. Two Heads are Better Than One and all that.


They’re More Secure

This is a random ‘out there’ thought, but maybe, the fact that they know, without a shadow of a doubt that they have their mirror partner, knowing them intricately to their very core, loving them unconditionally despite this, without judgement,  they have the edge in the Security Stakes. And when we feel secure, that’s when Our Best Behaviour drops its guard.


So there, Kiwi and Spoon’s Anecdotal Round of Evidence as to why it feels, even if it’s not, that twins are naughtier than twins.


Gotta go, Pip just uttered something about Kiwi Cat needing her nails cut…


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