Russia, Ice, and All Things Cold – Part 1 – Russian Dolls

The latest ‘learning’ theming Chez Kiwi went Cold. We incorporated a Russian International Night, learning about Russia, Siberia, and then we took it a bit further and went science-y with cold and ice. Lots of fun and laughter along the way.


Russian Activities:

Russia Game: This would have been too difficult for Bug & Pip, but Boo, our fact crazy boyo, loved a game we made using lots of facts about Russia which we played on a Monopoly Board. You had to answer questions about history and geography to move forward spaces.


St Basil’s Cathedral Colouring: work on the fine motor skills for all the kids was enjoyable using this template from Activity Village.


Russian Stacking Dolls:  I bought these blank Russian Nesting Dolls from Amazon. The kids, in true current fashion, decided to decorate them with a Harry Potter theme. They used regular acrylic paints. One of the downsides of these dolls was they were a bit tough for the kids themselves to open (one of the frequent complaints in the reviews). No problem, once painted I covered them all in a thin layer of Vaseline which was soon absorbed (so no sticky fingers!) and now the kids are able to open and close them themselves.


Internet Reading: Boo enjoyed feeding his thirst for General Knowledge about Russia here


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