Russia, Ice, and All Things Cold – Part 3 – Day Out at the Historic Dockyards, Chatham

IMG_0410 (2)

The latest ‘learning’ theming Chez Kiwi went Cold. We incorporated a Russian International Night, learning about Russia, Siberia, and then we took it a bit further and went science-y with cold and ice. Lots of fun and laughter along the way. Part 3 of this series covers our trip to the Historic Dockyards in Chatham.


Trip to Doc’s Yard at the Historic Dockyards, Chatham:

If you haven’t been here, you’re missing out. Wide open spaces, 3 ships to explore (including a sub and a WW2 battleship), a chance to make rope at the Ropery, a Lifeboat museum and even better, some Call the Midwife filming spots. Added to this, the Chatham Dockyards do Kid Friendly in style. Their recent theming was Doc Yard’s Science Lab about Cold. Doc Yard is coming back in the summer for a Time Themed Lab, Clan Kiwi will be there.


IMG_0483 (2).JPG


The kids got to do a range of hands on experiments about the properties of ice, pure water, ice sky-rise igloos, ice towers, making ice cream, use a heat sensing camera, and witness some explosive dry ice experiments, all whilst dressed as Lab Technicians. They LOVED it.


As for ASD and Wheelchair friendly, The Historic Dockyard’s Rock. Using the wheelchair here is easy. You can only go on one of the ships, but one is better than none, and I was quite happy watching from afar. Within Doc’s Lab they made it as easy for me as possible, even when I did my miraculous “I can walk” display, there were no raised eyebrows or judgements. On the ASD side, the staff were brilliant, and being a bit open space with lots of ‘boys’ toys, Boo was in his element.


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