Speaking to Younger Siblings About Aspergers



There are pros and cons to whatever ‘ordering’ of children you have, but explaining Aspergers and Autism, and the effects on the family, to younger children can be a tall order. I wrote a booklet for Boo’s younger siblings, Bug and Pip, about his diagnosis, how it affects them, and how they can help. After reading through it together first, we and they have dipped in an out of it when needed. It’s proven invaluable.


Our well-thumbed copy of the booklet is interspersed with lots of photos of Boo and his younger sisters. It’s a good way of breaking up the text and giving focal points.


You’re welcome to download and share the attached booklet, but please can you give a mention and link to Kiwi and Spoon.


If you’d like a Word version to edit to suit your own needs, and add your own photos, then please just drop me a line at kiwiandspoon@yahoo.com and I’ll happily whizz a copy across for your personal use.


Speaking to Younger Siblings about Aspergers – booklet


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