Russia, Ice, and All Things Cold – Part 4 – Cold Science

The latest ‘learning’ theming Chez Kiwi went Cold. We incorporated a Russian International Night, learning about Russia, Siberia, and then we took it a bit further and went science-y with cold and ice. Lots of fun and laughter along the way. This is the last in this series of posts looking at the science and fun we had at home carrying on our Cold Theme.


Science at Home:


Why Salt Melts Ice: This experiment was a huge hit, originally found here. I printed off Salt & Ice Experiment sheets from here and we had a good think about what might happen when we put salt on ice using the knowledge gained at Chatham Dockyards. Once the kids had written their hypothesis they were each given a large lump of ice in a baking tray (I froze water in orange juice cartons), a carton of salt, and some food colouring. Play & Science commenced. They loved seeing how the ice melted crevices for the colouring to seep through. Wet coloured salt soon became a messy play substance all on its own. Lots of chat about absorption. Great sensory exposure for ASD Boo who loved it because of the science element.

 IMG_2824 (2)IMG_2840 (2)

Body Systems: Lastly, super quick and fun experiment to trick our brains that included some chat about us being warm blooded, our core body temperatures and nerves involved three bowls of water: one ice cold, one luke warm, and one ‘hot’ but bearable. Each child took turns putting one hand in the ‘hot’ bowl and one in the ‘ice’ before plunging both in to the lukewarm. Our findings: the ‘cold’ hand began to feel hot, and the ‘hot’ hand began to feel cold. Lots of talk about the delay in our brain figuring it out.



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