English Afternoon Tea Birthday Cake


To celebrate a dear friend’s 40th birthday recently we made the most of the Spring sunshine, her gorgeous garden, and an opportunity to showcase an English Afternoon Tea. Hidden inside this cake was a traditional Victoria sponge, of course.


As for the décor I used Pre-Printed Bunting Icing . It’s fabulous stuff, I’ve used it before.  Simply cut, paint with water and apply to moulding icing and the two become one.


I also made the tea cup out of moulding icing. It’s a little tricky but not as hard as you’d think. My biggest challenge was finding a suitable sized teacup to act as the mould. With the cup borrowed from one friend, and the saucer borrowed from another I followed these steps:


  1. Dust the inside of the cup and the top of the saucer liberally with cornflour
  2. Roll out moulding icing to approximately 4mm thick
  3. Lay over the saucer and cut and gently push to make the saucer indentations
  4. Using a sharp knife cut around the edge against the saucer
  5. Lay another sheet of moulding icing over the cup and gently push in and cut until you have the inside of the tea cup lined with icing
  6. Cut the excess icing to the required height
  7. Mould a handle out of excess icing
  8. Leave the separate pieces somewhere warm and dry for a few weeks to harden (or they will flop on the cake!)


I then mixed a little pink food gel with water to paint the pink lines. Stick the handle on to the saucer using a little royal icing. I also used a small heart cutter to cut out hearts from the bunting icing to decorate the cup and saucer.


For the ‘40’ teapot decoration I simply used my Teapot Cutter and free-style cut the numbers from the bunting icing.


I loved making this cake. Not least because it was something adult away from my usual fare of kiddie birthday cakes.


Any questions? Ask away!


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