Geez, The Questions!


A typical morning Chez Kiwi looks something this:


6.45am: Wake Children, Boo Last

6.47am: Questions 1, 2, and 3 possibly including topics from global pandemics to what we’re having for dinner.

6.50am: Boo gets dressed

7.05am: Boo is downstairs, here follow Questions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, usually involving concerns about the routine. Which is the same. Every. Fecking. Day. But likely to be interspersed with questions on the European Union, ISIS, and the former USSR.

7.15am: Boo has breakfast interspersed with Q’s 10 through 25. Again usually revolving around the Same. Sodding.Routine.

Toothbrushing Battle.

8am: Leave the House, likely tripping over as Boo has forgotten half his belongings whilst asking Questions 26 through 30. My answers are getting snappier at this point.

Car Journey: Questions 31 through 55, covering engine maintenance, maths conundrums, whether God exists, why clouds are that shape, what road surfaces are made of, why not all vaccinations can be taken orally, whether cancer is hereditary, what my statistical risk is of cancer, what’s for dinner (again), whether a friend can come over, what happened on 17th February 2010 (because he can remember exactly you see), why you grow hairs on your legs, and the properties of steel. To give a general overview.


That’s just the morning.


Within 10 minutes of Kiwi Dad getting in the door of an evening, he’s had enough of the questioning. This. Is. My. World.


Questions. Questions. Questions. All. The. Time.


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