So It’s Been a While…

I'm Back!


It’s been a while. Life got in the way and it’s been a tough few months one way or another, including a dear friend dying of the dreaded ‘C’, an operation (well actually two), and the usual bumbles and blunders of life with 3 kids, one with Aspergers, and a chronic health condition, new schools and more. The irony that I write for a living and don’t find time to write for myself isn’t lost on me…


In fact, I was close to winding up Kiwi and Spoon as it came up for renewal. However, something just changed my mind. That something was, that for the first time in many months, I took the time to log in to my Kiwi and Spoon emails. And in there, nestled amongst the spam and absolute trash we all have to wade through, were some poignant comments awaiting moderation, and personal emails. These were telling me how my blog had inspired, made a day, comforted, consoled, or simply made another Autism parent not feel quite so isolated. Someone got them.


And that’s what Kiwi and Spoon was always about. Community and simply letting others know that someone else is treading on eggshells too. Someone else doesn’t have the answers either. But they’re giving it a try and willing to share their experience. Thank you to the people who’ve messaged for reminding me why I started, and why I should try to continue.


So, I’m making no promises on the regularity. Perhaps without the self-imposed pressure to get a certain number of posts out a month and a little more chilled approach, I’ll do my best to pop in now and then and update the blog.



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