That Dreaded Word: Change

If you’re a pro at one thing as an Autism parent it’s managing change. You had to learn that one quick before life really went pear-shaped. You’re the one who foresees situations when other people’s radars haven’t even started a-tingling.

And that’s why I find myself in this limbo state where we know Boo needs to change bedrooms, for the sake of logistics and all things family-growing, but we can’t do anything more than plant a seed, plant it again, give it a little sprinkling of water, and just… wait…

For anyone who knows me, and my love to get things done, like, yesterday, will know this is posing a small problem on the self-containment front. Just move already will you?!

But no, that approach simply won’t work. If we rush this, if we force it, we’re up jack creek and have to sell the house… (only slight exaggeration). So, for the time being a bedroom is sat empty whilst I casually mention loft beds, cool lighting, decorating schemes. Until, I hope, the day comes that Boo agrees that Yes, He’s Willing to Move.

See, we know that a bigger room is better. We know that having the stim-satisfying treadmill in there will reap benefits. We know that one day, when he’s a teenager, breaking away from the family rigidity, he’ll value this space in a way his current room doesn’t currently provide, we know that there’s only so long a couple of 7 year olds can share a room the size of a postage stamp, but he doesn’t like change. And so that’s where we’re at.

Patience. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.


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