Mysterical Day Out to Hobbledown, Surrey

Mysterical Day Out to Hobbledown, Surrey – wheelchair and Autism in tow … More Mysterical Day Out to Hobbledown, Surrey


Viva España!

International Night Spanish Style Sometime, about 18 months ago, we started the tradition of Family International Nights. Every 4-6 weeks we have a mini-theme around a particular country. Our flights have taken us from Canada to Argentina, France to Australia, Peru to Morocco, taking in a side of India, China and many other countries. We … More Viva España!

Cuppa & Cake Please

Life doesn’t get much better than friends, a cuppa and a slice of cake, right? Well, I personally reckon they are even better when they come with the Kiddie Birthday Wow factor. Tea, check. Friends, check. Cake, check. But after the joy of watching a kiddo blow out the candles and mark another year. Birthday … More Cuppa & Cake Please

Why I Write

Life, in my uber humble experience, has its fair amount of eggshells. And I’m treading on them.   Some of those eggshells have names. A fair number of them can be called ASD, or Autism, or Asperger’s. Another collection is called Twins, or Ferals, or just plain ‘what the heck happened there?’ Then there are … More Why I Write