Fibromyalgia – Chronic Pain & Fatigue

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain & Fatigue – Let’s Chuck the Eggshells in Treacle


One thing you need when navigating the eggshells of life that go by the names of ASD and Twins is energy and zing. Fibromyalgia is the thief of zing. Whatever stage you’re at in life, Fibromyalgia and other similar pain- and fatigue-causing chronic illnesses have the ability to zap you of every inner resource you have and make you feel like you’re navigating life through fog, with a ball and chain, over hot coals, and covered in treacle. Not. Much. Fun.


Chronic illnesses are great for making you feel pretty isolated and alone. You don’t want to whinge continually, but enduring pain and fatigue daily require for some serious inner reserves of strength. Hopefully this is a place you can read and reflect upon someone trudging the treacle too. The eggshells get a bit sticky there.