HFA, Autism & Aspergers

HFA, Autism, Aspergers – Square Pegs in Round Holes



Life has a tendency of chucking curve balls at the best of us, and those balls don’t get much curvier or turn in to eggshells more quickly, than when the terms High-Functioning Autism (HFA), Autism or Aspergers are thrown in to the mix. You’re not parenting from just an elusive manual here, you’re parenting in the dark, with your Auditory-Challenged child’s ear defenders on, and with your pants on fire.


It’s all too easy to stay shut behind closed doors, think you’re navigating this unique blend of parenting mayhem alone. But you’re not. There are plenty of us out here, winging it, navigating it, just trying to do our best to get our ASD-gripped kiddo not only through each day, but to adulthood with their self-esteem intact, and without battering our own too much along the way.


Join Boo and his humble parents as we navigate the stormy seas of High Functioning Autism. From the lowest of lows, the meltdown of all meltdowns, to the highs of the highest breakthroughs whispered quietly so as not to spook the sensitive soul. Kiwi and Spoon are treading on the eggshells of Autism.