Twins – Let’s Make Sure Things Get Really Crazy


Every once in a while, don’t you just think the universe is laughing at you? Pretty much any twin parent who’s been in the scan room and heard the powerful words: “there are two foetal heartbeats” is going to know that God / Mother Nature / The Cosmos / The Powers That Be were holding a giant foam pointing finger and laughing at you that day, and likely every day for most of the next 18+ years as you slip, slide and hurl yourself through Twin Parenthood.


Twins, and in Kiwi and Spoon’s case, Identical Twins, come with their own unique blend of crazy. Fondly nicknamed the Ferals, Pip and Bug live up to their collective nickname, as well as picking up our parenting toolkit and throwing it out of the window whilst the other locks the front door and flushes the key down the loo.


With a heart expanded for double the love – your parenting workload more than doubled – the unwritten Parenting Manual doesn’t even bloody apply, and if it did the twins would have shredded it anyway. Twins create eggshells to be trodden on, usually because they were the ones lobbing the eggs, so laugh with us (or at us) as we navigate the unique blend of eggshells that are The Twins (but with their own individual identities, ok?).